Parallel Mothers

Parallel Mothers

***This film starts at an earlier time of 7.30pm***

Parallel Mothers (15)

Two women, a generation apart, find themselves inextricably linked by their brief time together in a maternity ward.

The circumstances that brought them to the Madrid hospital are quite different—one accidental, the other traumatic—and a secret, hiding the truth of the bond that connects these two, is a powerful story that tackles a deep trauma in Spanish history. 

Penélope Cruz's Janis is a uniquely complex, flawed, but ultimately alluring lead character, who finds herself in a morally and emotionally treacherous situation.

She's viewed in contrast with Ana, radiantly portrayed by newcomer Milena Smit, a discovery who brings a palpable innocence, pain, and longing to this interwoven portrait of women and motherhood.

Film shown in Spanish with English subtitles

Running time is 2 hours

IMDb 7.1/10  / Rotten Tomatoes 78%

Screening Details

Show Date & Time Thursday, Nov 3rd 7:30 pm
Registration Start Date 06/09/2022
Ticket Price £5.00
Adult Ticket Price 5.00
Child Ticket Price 3.50
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