Belfast (2021)

Oscar winning writer & director Kenneth Branagh, who returns to his boyhood home for this film, based on his own experiences growing up here at the onset of the Troubles. Featuring an all star cast including Jamie Dornan, Judi Dench, and Colin Morgan.

Set in the 1960's, at the centre of the film is Buddy, a young boy on the cusp of adolescence, whose life is filled with familial love, childhood hijinks, and a blossoming romance.

Yet, with his beloved hometown caught up in increasing turmoil, his family faces a momentous choice: hope the conflict will pass or leave everything they know behind for a new life.

This film is a beautiful, twinkly-eyed childhood memoir, full of warmth, nostalgia and humour. A deserved Oscar win.

Mostly filmed in Black & White.

Approx, running time 1 hour and 38 minutes

IMdB rating : 7.3 / Rotten Tomatoes : 92%

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Show Date & Time Thursday, Aug 4th 8:00 pm
Registration Start Date 04/07/2022
Ticket Price £5.00
Adult Ticket Price 5.00
Child Ticket Price 3.50
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