What Makes Shere Village Cinema So Special?

Shere Village Cinema has entered the Film Society of the Year Awards in 2018 following our huge success last year when we won two awards - the Filmbankmedia Audience Award and Best Marketing and Publicity. As part of this year's submission process, we were asked to write a 200 word narrative or create a 2 minute audio or video to answer the question 'what makes your group so special?'

We are so proud of our local community and the role the cinema plays within it so we decided to create a 2 minute video depicting the contribution the cinema makes to village life. It is based on the three key principles which we believe communicates the core essence of Shere Village Cinema:

1. We feed the mind by entertaining the audience with fantastic films and by educating our audience about local history.

2. We embrace the heart by making a genuine difference to people's lives.

3. We nourish the soul by being a social hub for the community.

Watch the video below:



Please let us know what you think by commenting below.

Thanks so much again for your amazing support throughout the year.